Right now, in the e-mails of many pundits, politicians, and strategists, a question is being asked: What the hell do we do now? Donald Trump won South Carolina by ten points over Marco Rubio and Rubio was only slightly over Ted Cruz. Jeb Bush has conceded that he has no path to victory. John Kasich wants to be Trump’s vice president. Ben Carson is still there and no one seems to know why.

We’ve allowed this little experiment to go on long enough. It is clear that nearly 68% of Republican voters do not want Donald Trump, but that rhetoric simply won’t play because it doesn’t matter: The winner is the one who gets the most delegates. As long as the vote is split, Donald Trump can continue to win because one-third of the electorate can be for him while the other two-thirds is split 4-5 ways.

It’s time to get serious. If the party is truly worried about Donald Trump, then it has to do something about it.

That Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, the two most conservative men in this race, are attacking each other while a man who 1) supports Democrats 2) supports Democratic policies and 3) supports Planned Parenthood wins South Carolina’s evangelicals is not something we as conservatives (much less we as a party) should tolerate. I’m not egotistical enough to assume either Cruz or Rubio will read this, but if you gentlemen do: What the hell?

Someone needs to pull Ben Carson aside (wake him up from whatever dream he’s having, first) and tell him, very forcefully, no, it’s not happening. You’re not happening. Stop trying to happen. Someone else needs to pull John Kasich aside and beat him about the head and shoulders with a stick. Toss both of them out of this race immediately, since they’re not mature enough to gracefully bow out themselves.

As far as Cruz and Rubio are concerned, I get the strategy, I really do. Each of them are the other’s biggest threats in a world where Donald Trump isn’t the nominee. But that’s not guaranteed when Donald Trump is winning primaries.

I say none of this as some sort of political strategist. I don’t say it as someone influential enough to make a difference in this race. I’m saying it as someone about ready to quit until the convention, if not longer, because we as a party have decided that we haven’t snatched defeat from the jaws of victory hard enough, and we want to give ultimate power in this country to either of a pair of raving, socialist lunatics. Why do we want this? Hell, I guess we are just so content with being an opposition party and whining, and we really don’t want to make a difference anymore. We just want to complain.

It’s time to get serious if we want something good to come out of 2016, because right now we’re looking at one of three Democrats winning this race: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.