In their own ways, Ben Carson and John Kasich are fraudulent candidates. One is trying to sell books and voter lists while the other is trying to sell himself as a Republican. Both have to know they can’t win this race. They can’t possibly think they have any shot, do they?

Carson was strong with evangelicals. Was. I use the past tense because evangelicals seem to be Team Trump right now (for reasons that escape us all). Kasich wants to be the establishment guy, but the establishment sees that Rubio is the most capable right now of defeating Trump. Rubio is winning the endorsement battle, and not just with establishment folks. Tim Scott and Nikki Haley were undoubtedly beneficial in helping him edge out Cruz for second place.

Cruz, while he has struggled with internal campaign issues, is still one of the most exposed candidates via media. He is also still extremely popular with the base. He, Rubio, and Trump have incredibly high fan base loyalty. Carson and Kasich don’t have any of that. Hell, as Streiff noted earlier, Kasich is losing in his own state to Donald Trump.

It is inevitable: They will lose, and they will lose badly.

That these two men are still in it says more about their egos than their grasps on reality. Even Jeb Bush, who once proudly declared he would be willing to lose the primary to win the general, dropped out when he realized there was no path to victory. This is simply ego getting in the way of good governance, which both of them are running on the premise of.

Dr. Carson is a major let down on this front. He was billed as the cool-headed, almost grandfatherly type who had all the experience of a man who could be successful in America through hard work, yet in this election has appeared as nothing more than a whiny child. It is nothing short of disappointing that he as a person has become what he is now.

For the sake of this race, gentlemen, leave after tonight.