When the FBI re-opened the investigation that SANK Hillary Clinton’s chances (allegedly), there were questions as to whether or not any of the classified information that was on Hillary’s server at any point made it to Weiner’s computer. If so, that is a HUGE problem.

Well, now we have a HUGE problem.

The Comey testimony today has been a roller coaster of questions and speculation, but this admission is a big one.

Hillary Clinton’s self-made problems continue to create headaches for her. There may not be many people shouting “Lock her up!” anymore, but there are plenty who will see the admission that Huma Abedin forwarded classified email from Hillary’s server to Anthony Weiner’s computer and wonder what in the hell was going on.

Was she sending it to Weiner? Or was she sending it home to another unsecured device to go over there? Either way, that is severely mishandling classified information.

That’s an insanely compromising situation. Weiner was already in trouble for his past sexting issues, including with underage girls. He was very much a man open to blackmail opportunities. There is no way that Weiner is even remotely close to being authorized to view classified information.

Yet, his wife at the time gave him access to it. That’s a major problem, here. The fact that Weiner was unauthroized to view the information compounds what was already a bad legal situation.

What will the FBI do now?