Police prepare to escort organizers from the bandstand on Boston Common after a "Free Speech" rally staged by conservative activists, Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017, in Boston. One of the planned speakers of a conservative activist rally that appeared to end shortly after it began says the event "fell apart." Dozens of rallygoers gathered Saturday on Boston Common, but then left less than an hour after the event was getting underway. Thousands of counterprotesters had also gathered. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

The Free Speech Rally held in Boston, Massachusetts today ended just a short while ago, and there have been no reports of any violence taking place.

The rally, held by the Boston Free Speech Group, was largely barricaded and surrounding by Boston police. Meanwhile, at the Boston State House and other locations around the rally, thousands of protesters showed, geared up for clashes with white supremacists. However, none appeared.

There are reports, however, of arrests made during the day. CNN is currently reporting that at least eight people were arrested, though their report does not seem to specify which side the arrests were on. One person in attendance at the counter-protest (the liberal gathering outside of the rally) told RedState that some arrests were from the protest rather than the rally.

According to this source, some agitators did try to cause a scene, but were either chased out by other protesters or arrested (some were trying to bring flag poles into the protest area).