This morning’s major economic news – that the third quarter of 2017 had three percent growth, making it the second straight quarter of such growth – is a big deal for Republicans.

Every implication here is that the policies of Donald Trump, when it comes to business climate, are working. The deregulation of major business hurdles has made business comfortable in investment and growth, leading to plenty of good things.

This kind of news is also good in that it drives the natural agenda of the Republican Party: Reducing government control over certain aspects of the economy and allow business to grow and flourish. Therefore, it is time for Rand Paul to re-introduce, and get his colleagues to support, the REINS Act.

REINS – Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny – is a bill that has passed the House several times, but has only made it to the floor once, over this past summer. The bill would force any regulations written in by the Executive Branch to go to Congress for approval if they would cost the U.S. government more than $100 million.

That’s a pretty massive regulatory reform and one that we desperately need. Executive Orders have always been pretty overused, but it’s kicked into overdrive in recent administrations. Along with them, non-legislative lawmaking (rules and regulations that are written by Executive Branch offices) is one of the core problems we have right now, as it is a means for an executive to get around the checks and balances system that was established in the Constitution.

With the economy currently showing that deregulation is one of the keys to economic success in America, it is time to enact permanent reforms and not just rely on our side to simply go in and undo something, only for the next Democratic president to undo what our side undid.

It’s high time we did this. I have had my disagreements with Rand Paul in recent months, but this is absolutely the correct path for the country, and it is time for him to build a coalition of support to get this through the Senate. It’s going to be tough, but it has to be done.