Alabama Democrat Senate candidate Doug Jones gets into his car after speaking to the media, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, in Birmingham, Ala. Jones runs against former judge Roy Moore. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Let’s get one thing straight: The accusations against Roy More are compelling. Sure, there are some (poorly-sourced) stories and theories “discrediting” his accusers, and the involvement of Gloria Allred is just about the worst thing that could happen to the anti-Moore movement, but Moore is, at best, super creepy.

However, Alabama Democrats have chosen Doug Jones as their candidate. While there are plenty of reasons to dislike Moore, there is no reason at all that you can justify voting for Jones in this election.

At RedState, there has always been one hard and fast rule: Oppose abortion at all costs. Jones supports abortion right up until the baby is out of the womb, and even then it’s probably debatable for him. If you vote for Jones, you are not a conservative, and you cannot claim to be one.

This is not up for debate. Under no circumstances should you support, endorse, or vote for Doug Jones.  Which seems to be what Jeff Flake, among others, is doing.

Sorry, Senator Flake, but that’s a load of crap. There are going to be plenty of people who will vote for Moore because he isn’t in favor of murdering babies. That’s not tribalism, that’s rationalizing.

Am I endorsing Moore here? Of course not. Plenty of folks will accuse me of it, naturally, but I don’t encourage anyone to vote for Moore. He is unfit for the office, but the issue of abortion – the actual murder of children – makes Jones just as unfit in my book. Sorry if I don’t want people murdering OR touching kids. I’m picky like that.

What I suggest, and it’s probably frowned upon for me to do so (FYI: I do not speak for all of RedState when I write this), is that people just don’t vote in Alabama. Don’t go out of your way to have to make a choice on the lesser of two evils. Don’t vote for evil at all.

It’s the same as 2016 for me. Did I want Trump? No. Does that mean I wanted Hillary? No. I refused to vote because I was dead set against voting for a bad person just because they were less bad than the other. Alabama’s vote is exactly the same situation.

So, I hope the people of Alabama don’t vote. I hope everyone sits at home and says, “Nope. We’re not doing this.” But that won’t happen. We’ll have a winner, and everyone will still lose.