Member of Polish Parliament Invites AOC To Visit Real Concentration Camps

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW 2019 by nrkbeta, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez set off a social media firestorm by comparing the detention centers at the southern border to concentration camps – a term most commonly applied to camps Nazi Germany subjected millions of Jews to during World War II. The comparison to Nazi Germany was further cemented through her use of the phrase “Never again” (a phrase used after the Holocaust to signify an international call to never let such a travesty occur again).

Ocasio-Cortez has doubled-down time and again since the incident, drawing fire from conservatives, Jewish groups, and many others.

Now, there is a Polish politician getting in the mix, officially inviting AOC to Poland to visit the locations of actual concentration camps, al she can learn the difference.

Via The Jerusalem Post:

Polish MP Tarcynski Dominik has invited US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to visit Poland following her remarks in which she compared migrant detention camps on the United States’ southern border to Nazi-era “concentration camps” during an Instagram Live with her followers on Monday.

Dominik, who is the vice president of European Conservatives in the European Council, tweeted the open letter to the democrat representative on Thursday evening.


“As you should be aware, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi), who led Germany, were responsible for the darkest period in my country’s and our whole continent’s history by devising a chain of concentration camps in order to exterminate those who they believed were subhuman, or a threat to their imperialistic machinations – this included both Jewish Poles and non-Jewish Poles, and as a result we lost six million of our citizens,” he penned.

Dominik goes on to say that since AOC often talks so much about working in a bipartisan manner, this would be a great opportunity to do that on an international level.

Somehow, I don’t see her accepting.