In this photo taken on Tuesday, July 10, 2018, a six-meter high cartoon baby blimp of U.S. President Donald Trump is erected during a practice session in Bingfield Park, north London. Trump will get the red carpet treatment on his brief visit to England that begins Thursday: Military bands at a gala dinner, lunch with the prime minister at her country place, then tea with the queen at Windsor Castle before flying off to one of his golf clubs in Scotland. But trip planners may go out of their way to shield Trump from viewing another aspect of the greeting: an oversize balloon depicting the president as an angry baby in a diaper that will be flown from Parliament Square during what are expected to be massive gatherings of protesters opposed to Trump’s presence. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

Have you seen the giant Trump baby balloon in London? Of course you have. Rumors are floating around (pun intended) that the ballon may make its way to Scotland to meet Trump on the next leg of his visit to the UK. Of course there are plenty of people here in the U.S. who have been gleefully sharing the story of the Trump baby balloon and even hoping it makes its way over to America soon.

It’s funny that someone went to so much expense and trouble to make a balloon mocking the President of the United States. It is also pathetic.

Not because it’s “mean” or “disrespectful”…those things are to be expected. Plenty of politicians are loathed and ridiculed. It happens every day in the world of political cartoons. The Trump balloon could be considered the immature version of a political cartoon, if you think about it.

But if you think about it further, it’s the immaturity of the whole thing that is exactly the problem. In fact, like most attempts to mock Trump over the last two years this baby balloon has simply ended up exposing the childishness of most of the resistance to Trump’s administration from the progressive Left.

One needs only to return to the footage of Trump’s victory on election night of 2016 to see the absolute hysterics of the Left on full display. Grown adults and seasoned professionals went from heady giddiness at the almost assured prospect of President Hillary Clinton to crying on national television. Van Jones threw an epic temper tantrum in front of millions of people that night and he wasn’t alone.

In fact, he’s still not alone. Millions of Americas have been throwing temper tantrums for years now. Like toddlers falling out in the middle of the grocery store and screaming bloody murder, the progressive Left have been screeching uncontrollably, flailing about like their mommies just told them she’s buying oatmeal instead of Captain Crunch.

The most pathetic part is that they don’t even realize their tantrums thus far have only served to highlight Trump’s authority and perplexing confidence by using his own language. During his campaign, Trump invented some of the most ridiculous and cheesy terms and phrases to discredit his opponents that we’ve ever seen in politics.

#FakeNews, Lyin’ Ted Cruz, Lock Her Up…and then of course there was the infamous “grab ’em by the p****” tape.

The insanity of it all should have been enough ammo to come up with some funny and savvy #resistance, but Trump’s opposition is so feeble-minded that all they could do was parrot him. Instead of sounding like intelligent satire, it’s all come off as silly tantrums.

The Women’s March thought themselves quite clever by running around with “p**** hats” but in the end it just seemed to fall flat. Trump doesn’t particularly seem embarrassed by the tapes and they certainly didn’t hurt his election hopes, so what exactly is the point? It isn’t shaming to him and it isn’t like the hats represent some type of insult. If anything it looks like a bunch of women were identifying themselves as “p***ies” which seems neither good nor bad but certainly doesn’t feel like something that would embarrass Donald Trump.

And look at how often and easily we use Trump’s own campaign slogan as a type of “insult”…or a joke. In every day conversation you can hear someone using it some facetious way.

“Make Coffee Great Again”

“Make Dating Great Again”

“Make Yo Momma Great Again”

Whether we like it or not, we’re all speaking the language of Trump now. Anyone who is coopting his language to try to insult him with it just ends up looking unoriginal and childish. How Trump managed to make his brand that powerful is for smarter minds than my own to discuss.

That is why the Trump baby balloon – as fun as it seems – just ends up making its creators look like the giant diaper babies. Sure, I get that it’s some vague poke at Trump’s thin skin but in the end it’s a giant, floating temper tantrum thrown by a bunch of people who can’t accept the reality that Uncle Sam isn’t giving out candy to toddlers anymore.

It is the equivalent of pulling down the pants of the biggest guy in gym class and then pointing and laughing when he says it’s not cool. It isn’t that big of a deal but it sure does make you look like the childish a**hole. Particularly considering the balloon cost upwards of $40,000 to make. How many of the lives Trump is supposedly destroying single-handedly could be helped with that money? How many of London’s thousands of homeless people might have been served?

Although it’s a British creation, the baby balloon is just a symbol of what the progressive Left has degraded into since Trump’s election. That is – just a bunch of children screaming “It’s not fair!” over and over again while at the same time shouting at the rest of the country that only they know what is good for those people who voted “against their own interests.”

Sounds like more than a few grown-ups need their nappies changed.