Redstate sister site Twitchy caught a jaw-dropping exchange earlier in the week during a college speech from a Holocaust survivor.

Harold Kasimow- Grinnell College professor emeritus of religious studies – recently spoke about his experiences at Benedictine University where he is a visiting scholar. Certainly it is a rare privilege to hear from such a person given that we are mere years away from losing the last of these precious and historic voices.

Sadly, not everyone seemed to value the privilege. A student group called Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) apparently believed the professor’s candid discussion on the horrors of the Holocaust as he experienced them was offensive because Kasimow also did not discuss the injustice of the “genocide, ethnic cleansing, and exile of Palestinians living in under [Israeli] occupation”.


Here’s the video on Twitter. The full thread is posted below.

As I laid out on social media yesterday, this is just one of the uninspiring messages coming from the Left right now. This is what they’re offering us – moral relativism and harassing Holocaust survivors for suggesting Israel has a right to exist.