Watch Elizabeth Warren Admit Her Own Education Plan Could Never Work

Elizabeth Warren is getting a taste of what it’s like to be a national candidate instead of a regional one. Her appearance in Atlanta to court the black vote didn’t go very smoothly after a group of black parents protested at her rally, demanding she stop her campaign against school choice and charter schools.

Corey DeAngelis of Reason has been making sure Warren is held accountable for her hypocrisy all along the campaign trail. First he dug up some facts that seem to indicate Warren sent her own son to private school, despite being a big critic of private schooling and choice.

Choice for me but not for thee!

Now it looks like Corey has once again caught Warren in a trap of her own making. He posted a video of her speaking to a woman who seems to be complaining about the amount of money public schooling seems to suck up without producing results. Warren’s response was astounding. She explained that while serving her home state she had procured federal funds to help with early childhood education. She went home and told her early childhood teachers they’d be getting an 85% raise, but in the end they got nothing because the state government sucked up all the grant money and none of it got to the classroom.

So let’s recap: Elizabeth Warren just admitted that throwing money at government to fix education doesn’t work. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential platform includes a plan to throw money at government to fix education.

This woman wants to be our president.

Kira Davis
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