FRIDAY: Live VIP Chat with Kira Davis and Brandon Morse - REPLAY AVAILABLEFRIDAY: Live VIP Chat with Kira Davis and Brandon Morse - REPLAY AVAILABLE

Will this be the most important live chat you’ve ever witnessed? Will your life be different from this point out after watching? Will you go on to write that great American novel or build that getaway cabin you’ve dreamed of from scratch?

The only way to know for sure is to tune into this week’s Live RedState VIP chat with Kira Davis and Brandon Morse. Your future depends on it…probably.

Check back here this Friday, 8/21, at 3 pm ET, log in to your VIP account and let the future begin!

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Kira Davis
Kira is a freelance writer and Editor-at-large for RedState. She has appeared on Fox News, OANN, The Blaze and The Dr. Phil Show. Kira is also a regular guest host at KABC radio in Los Angeles. Her podcasts"Just Listen to Yourself" and The Kira Davis Show are heard by hundreds of thousands of listeners across the country and the globe. Kira lives in Southern California with her husband and two children. She is a dog person but has been known to tolerate cats from time to time.
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