Ben Carson has been asked about a dozen times in the last couple days whether he plans to drop out of the race, and when. The reasons are pretty obvious: He’s been hemorrhaging staff, running out of money, he finished fourth in Iowa and dead last in New Hampshire, and there’s no indication that he will do any better in South Carolina.

Carson’s own answer on this question was fairly typical for him – full of absolute nonsense, but he quoted the Constitution, so everything’s okay:


Does Ben Carson not understand that the reason people keep asking him when he’s going to drop out is that he does not have the support of “We the People,” unless “We the People” is how he says “at least two people”?

Here’s a good indicator of how little Carson has the support of “We the People” anymore. Oklahoma – more than just about any state in the union – is tailor-made for Ben Carson. I lived there for 8 years, and if there’s anywhere in the country that people might vote for Ben Carson in large numbers, it’s the Sooner State. And indeed, the last time The Daily Oklahoman polled the state, Carson was in first, with 25% of the vote.

Now, he’s in a very distant fourth, getting only 6% of the vote:

Less than a month before the state’s presidential primary, Republican front-runner Donald Trump appears to be losing steam in Oklahoma, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Trump continues to lead an eight-candidate Republican field, with 30 percent of Oklahoma GOP voters reporting that they planned to vote for the New York billionaire, down from 35 percent in a poll released Jan. 23.

* * *

Meanwhile, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz held steady at 25 percent while Florida Sen. Marco Rubio surged, rising from 10 percent in late January to 21 percent this week.

* * *

Among Republicans, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who came in a distant fourth, continued to slip in this week’s poll, falling from 8 percent on Jan. 23 to 5.7 percent this week. No other Republican candidate drew more than 5 percent support, and 7.7 percent of GOP respondents said they were still undecided.

The interesting thing about this poll is that the responses came after Rubio’s debate performance on Saturday night, which might indicate that the damage to Rubio was localized to NH. We’ll know more as we approach SC.

But the writing is on the wall for Carson, even if he refuses to see it. If his currently level of completely cratered support is enough for him to keep in the race and suckering people out of their money, then one wonders when or if he will ever get the message.