Yesterday, Quinnipiac released the first national Democratic poll since Clinton’s New Hampshire debacle, and it showed Sanders only 2 points behind Hillary nationally. But hey, that’s just one poll and one poll can definitely be bad. Then USA Today/Suffolk released another poll that showed Sanders had closed to within 10, but hey, still no reason to panic. Then NBC released another national poll less than an hour ago, and it might finally be time for Camp Clinton to panic.

The top line result shows Clinton holding a 53-42 national lead. Maybe that’s not alarming all by itself, but this same poll, taken a month ago, showed Hillary with a commanding 59-34% lead.

And I guarantee you this isn’t even the most alarming polling news the Clinton campaign is facing now. That would clearly be the increasing evidence that Nevada has moved from a state where Clinton was heavily favored to being a state where Sanders is either tied with her or in the lead. Clinton used to win the head to head polling in Nevada by 30 points, and now she’s either tied or head by less than 6% in every current poll.

If Clinton loses Nevada, the panic will begin in earnest, even with relatively safe South Carolina around the corner.