This is probably the one and only time you will find a post on the front page of RedState praising something Van Jones said. But when a man is right, he is right, and tonight, Van Jones was right. In the midst of CNN’s fawning coverage of Donald Trump tonight, and chuckling about his various foibles, Van Jones had something he wanted said.

JONES: I don’t want for us to start lowering our standards as a country. And I’m gonna say what has not been said. It was a complete classless act for Donald Trump to come out there and not acknowledge Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush went out there, he did an honorable thing. If that was your son or your dad, you would have been proud of Jeb Bush tonight. Marco Rubio went out there, he did the right thing, he said kind things about this man, who gave his life to public service, and Donald Trump is a classless clown. And it was horrible for him not to do that. And we are now in a situation where we are beginning to adapt to absurdity. It is absurd that we have someone like him who won’t even acknowledge… if he were your child, on a soccer pitch, you would want him to act better toward Jeb Bush than what he did tonight. There is something going wrong in this country, and somebody’s gotta be willing to speak about it.

Right on.