Buzzfeed’s CEO, Jonah Peretti has issued a response to the websites and their credibility being trashed by Donald Trump after they published unsubstantiated report, and it’s not going to help their case one bit.

Buzzfeed, has come under fire the last 24 hours for their release of an unsourced dossier on President-elect Trump, that CNN reported was part of an intelligence briefing. Donald Trump for his part has denied everything… and in his press conference on Wednesday called, Buzzfeed, “failing pile of garbage”. CNN’s Jake Tapper then piled on trying to separate the two reports. This is how the CEO responded.


Buzzfeed is a victim, y’all. Just like the cast of Hamilton and Meryl Streep. Are you kidding me with this, Jonah Peretti? I assume he left out the fact that Jake Tapper has gone thermonuclear on Buzzfeed for blowing up the story, and disgracing the industry. Instead opting to not be “divisive” at this time. Another thing that Peretti fails to mention in his meager defense of their irresponsible behavior is that Buzzfeed is a wholly owned subsidiary of NBC Universal, thus NBC has a vested interest in defending Buzzfeed.

It’s hard not to enjoy this cat fight between the media. And why not?  Grab some popcorn and take in the show.