Dear God but this is filthy.  From Sherrod Brown’s campaign ad:

Specific quote: “Josh Mandel: He’s become the candidate of the Big Lie.”

(Via @freddoso)

The “Big Lie” – as Calfornia Democrat Chair John Burton so helpfully reminded us earlier this week, when he explicitly referenced that term to call Republicans Nazis – is a term coined by Adolf Hitler to help justify his systematic demonization and degradation of the Jews.  It is, bluntly, a term that was used to justify genocide.  Given that Josh Mandel happens to be Jewish himself, this is appalling – and no, Brown has no excuse here; agents of the Democratic party have spent the entire week calling Republicans Nazis.  And, again, in at least one case the use of the phrase was done explicitly and specifically – which means that it was part of the record, and certainly in the news.  Sherrod Brown should get no benefit of the doubt, here.  None. At. All.

John Burton was forced by his party to apologize.  But will any Democrat dare bring Sherrod Brown to heel?

Moe Lane (crosspost)