This is not appropriate language for a Senator’s office.

Jeff Bell happens to be the Republican nominee for US Senate in New Jersey: and Ms. Nichole Sessego’s ‘wholly inappropriate language’ (I am quoting the Cory Booker campaign) resulted in the staffer personally apologizing to Mr. Bell.  No word yet if Ms. Sessego has also apologized to the LGBT community for insinuating on her Senator’s behalf that there is something wrong with being gay, mostly because it’s understood that progressives, liberals, and/or Democrats can use whatever offensive language they like when they’re talking about Republicans.  Just one of those things, man: the insane speech codes the Left lives under has to have a pressure valve somewhere, and hate speech towards the Right is just something that our opposite numbers needs to keep from breaking under the strain like a rotten twig.

Hey, I didn’t say that they’re justified, or that such a thing is psychologically healthy. I just know why the Left does it.

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PS: Eliana Johnson has a good post up on Senator Booker; it apparently triggered this event, in fact.  Booker does not impress me anymore: I had more in the way of expectations from the guy. Jeff Bell may not be flashy, but we at least know where the man lives.  No, seriously, from Eliana’s first Booker post:

Booker’s office also declined to tell me where he lives in Washington, a subject that was raised just two days after he was elected. Booker told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he would “absolutely” consider living in a poor D.C. neighborhood such as Anacostia. “I really savor living in neighborhoods where there are great people struggling to make America real for all Americans,” he said. “And I just want to be in a neighborhood in D.C. that keeps me focused on the urgencies that I’m fighting for.” It’s certainly worth asking where that might be.

Really, Senator Booker? Really?