UPDATE: As noted below, MKH will soon have two small children to provide for. A GoFundMe has been set up to provide for their college education in Jake’s memory. Please click here and make a donation, as much as you can.

Some very sad news comes from our sister site Hot Air: Jake Brewer, husband of Hot Air’s Mary Katharine Ham, died yesterday in a car accident while participating in a charitable event. Jake was 34; Mary Katharine is pregnant with his second child. Obviously, we here at RedState offer our prayers and condolences to Mary Katharine, her family, and her loved ones. Which are inadequate, to be sure.


The Money Keeps Rolling In

I didn’t know Jake personally, but I’ve known Mary Katharine Ham for some time, and I consider her to be one of New Media’s best writers and advocates. She’s smart, eloquent, kind, and an essential fixture of Hot Air: I cannot imagine what she must be going through right now, and can only offer my personal sympathies and prayers, in addition to RedState’s.  But please: hug your kids, kiss your spouse, call your parents. Cherish them.

It’s important.