shutterstock election battle (1)You will be lied to by your opponents, you will be lied to by your enemies, and you will be lied to by your friends. You will hear every single possible rumor, allegation, conspiracy theory, and This One Simple Trick Will Determine The New Hampshire Primary Results that can be promulgated, extrapolated, or just made up out of whole cloth. You will have people trying to make you panic. You will have people trying to make you come to a decision now, Because The Stakes Have Never Been Higher.

In short, you will be going through a typical New Hampshire Election Year primary. This always happens; it’s just that social media makes it ever-easier for people to freak out. I recommend not obsessing over the entire thing until it’s over; because, honestly? You can’t do a danged thing about any of it right now anyway.

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Moe Lane

PS: Somebody out there is going to get their prediction of tonight’s election results right. That person will invariably puff themselves up to be the received focus of all human polling wisdom, because that’s what human beings do. But I’ll say this right now: that person guessed the right answers. If we knew the right answers ahead of time we wouldn’t have elections the way that we currently have elections. And the political graveyard is full of people and processes that flawlessly predicted elections until they rather abruptly did not.