The Republican National Committee logo is shown on the stage as crew members work at the North Charleston Coliseum, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016, in North Charleston, S.C., in advance of Thursday's Fox Business Network Republican presidential debate. (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)

In alphabetical order:

  • Jeb Bush: ripped Donald Trump a few times over being a lunatic. He was actually a lot looser tonight, but he shouldn’t have bothered going after Kasich.
  • Ben Carson: I like Dr. Carson, but I’m not sure how much longer he should be running. And apparently that Stalin quote was… incorrect.
  • Ted Cruz: Nice comments on Scalia, and in the process also how nice suspenders John Dickerson’s guts make. In domestic policy he was solid.  Some nice hits on Trump, which is nice – and frankly about time.
  • John Kasich: John Kasich is apparently on that stage just to keep things uninteresting, pretty much.
  • Marco Rubio: Foreign policy is his wheelhouse. And he was a lot more comfortable than he’s been on domestic policy. Will it help? I dunno.
  • Donald Trump: I do not see what the value to the Republican party would be in nominating a damnable 9/11 Troofer.  Or, for that matter, a crypto-Democrat.

It’s been a brawl of a debate, and we’re all evenly divided about whether or not it’s been a success.  I kind of think that we’re going to need to have more of a brawl, because we’re now at the point where Donald Trump is yelling about 9/11 conspiracies. That’s… not acceptable.

Moe Lane

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