The word is that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee will not be endorsing Donald Trump.  At least, that’s what Huckabee apparently said on television this morning. This is fairly significant news; I for one had been expecting a Trump endorsement some time this afternoon, given that Marco Rubio spent yesterday night talking about Donald Trump’s short, stubby fingers and we all know that Trump has the emotional security of a pack of panicked wildebeest.  Political endorsements are Trump’s go-to method for countering bad media days, and Huckabee seemed an obvious choice.  …Which is perhaps an unkind thing to say about Mike Huckabee, so let me remove some choice, yet potentially inflammatory adjectives from this paragraph*.

So, what effect will this have on the race? Well, the Arkansas primary is tomorrow, and as of the writing of this, we have no recent polling on the state. Heck, I’m starting to wonder whether we’re going to get any post-debate polling before tomorrow night. So what I said yesterday still applies; it’s up in the air. I think Ted Cruz may very well be ahead here. I also think maybe Donald Trump wanted the Huckabee endorsement, and didn’t get it just yet thanks to the horrible, no-good, terrible weekend that Trump just had. And I think that Marco Rubio is trying harder than the other two to grab Arkansas.

Guess we’ll see how it all goes down tomorrow.

Moe Lane

PS: Note that it does look like Mike Huckabee favors Donald Trump, but does not want to endorse before the primary. I suspect that he’s getting a lot of personalized attention and entreaties to endorse before Super Tuesday. And I will not be surprised if those entreaties end up working, particularly when Donald Trump has another bad day today.

*Note that I left in all the stuff about Donald Trump’s remarkably small hands. Which suggests that I worry more about Mike Huckabee’s hurt feelings than I do about Donald Trump’s.  Well, actually, it states it outright.