We have two new polls to look at on the Ohio Senate race, one from Quinnipiac University and the other from Public Policy Polling.

The results are very similar, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that for the moment, Lee Fisher leads Rob Portman, though by a hair.

Quinnipiac has Fisher up 42-40 (MoE 3), despite the poll having Ohio oppose the “federal health care overhaul” 55-36. PPP’s results are only slightly different, showing Fisher up 40-38 (MoE 4.5) and “President Obama’s health care plan” opposed 53-38.

These are large margins of opposition to the PPACA. Is Portman hurting himself by not coming out more strongly against it, contrary to the conventional wisdom that a moderate approach is safest in a swingy state like Ohio, and too much opposition to the President’s most important accomplishment to date is a bad idea in a state he carried? I think it could be the case.

Repeal, then replace! Nobody likes Obamacare so let’s get loud against it!

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