In a recent debate, Hillary Clinton suggested we should give government the keys to read all your encrypted data, hearkening back to the Clipper Chip idea of her husband’s administration.

Well I have good news for her: I’ve found the perfect computer operating system for her to use, and I challenge all her supporters to switch to it.

It’s true: she suggested the government might have to get a “back door” into all private data in America. Well, that’s what North Korea has developed with their Red Star OS.

A pair of German researchers found that North Korea replaced all the cryptography from open Linux environments, with their own home-grown (lacking the tested security of other) codes. In fact the OS is setup to track everything, even attempting to watermark USB drives to see who read and wrote to them, and when.

“It’s definitely privacy invading, it’s not transparent to the user,” said [researcher Florian] Grunow. “It’s done stealthily, and touches files you haven’t even opened.”

This OS was the result of the kind of national “Manhattan Project” of the type Clinton is calling for in American cryptography. Beware. The key escrow and ‘back door’ talk Clinton and FBI head James Comey are pushing for, sound like obscure, technical details. But they are a giant attack on American privacy exactly in the vein that totalitarian states are doing today.