As you may recall, Jeremy “Jezzbolah” Corbyn was elected leader of the UK Labour party through a combination of the idiocy that now backs Bernie Sanders, and the greatest Operation Chaos style campaign ever. Party primaries don’t really exist in the UK, so right-wingers were able to join in droves to vote for the unelectable Corbyn. He’s been as terrible as everyone imagined, polling the worst numbers for any Labour leader since the Thatcher era.

Watch as he gets heckled so badly in the House of Commons that his own party’s cabinet is laughing at him.

Andy Burnham laughing at Jeremy Corbyn


Corbyn: Mister Speaker, Last week like him [David Cameron]…

Conservatives: [laughter]

Corbyn: I was in Brussels meeting with heads of government and leaders of European socialist parties. One of whom said to me…

Conservative MP: [Calling out] Who are you?

Conservatives: [laughter intensifies]

Corbyn: No, No. No, what they said. What they said, Mister Speaker…

Conservatives: [loud laughter continues]

Corbyn: [Stares silent, defeated, as Labour shadow minister Andy Burnham busts up giggling behind him]

And they thought “You lie!” was harsh.