Colorado once was a reliable Republican state in Presidential elections. The state went Republican all but once, starting with the 1968 Nixon win, and ending with the 2004 Bush win. But having voted for Bill Clinton once, George Bush twice, and Barack Obama twice, while electing a roughly even mix of Congressional Republicans and Democrats, Colorado is now one of the swingiest states in the country.

What better place to hold the August 2016 RedState Gathering than Denver? Make sure to get registered, as we come together in a state Republicans would really like to win in November.

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Colorado has been a leader in conservative ideas in the past. Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights was a national model, and even the Democrats were willing to stand up to left-wing extremists in court cases like Romer v. Evans. But that’s gone now. We’re seeing Colorado struggle on whether to pass new gun control laws, or anti-fracking laws, while it successfully passed a law to defy DC on cannabis.

The state’s Republicans aren’t out of it though. They control the Senate 18-17, and just missed taking back the House in 2014, as Democrats hold a 34-31 advantage. If we want to keep fighting the good fight on hot-button socialist issues there, we need to keep energized ourselves. That means showing up and winning in the state not just for President, but also for down-ballot races, including whoever will challenge the incumbent US Senator, Democrat Michael Bennet. He’s one of the few Senate targets we have this cycle on offense.

Don’t miss your chance to join the team at RSG16 in Denver, Colorado. Early bird registration rate now available!

Every RedState Gathering attracts not just national conservatives heroes like Ted Cruz, but also brings in local rising conservatives from the host state. It’s a lock that Colorado conservatives trying to keep their state from going off the deep end, will be at the gathering. Register today and join us August 12-14.

The last time Republicans managed to lose Colorado but win the White House was 1904, when Taft swept the Midwest and the Northeast to win easily. Colorado is a state that wins elections for the GOP. Come on out and visit.