Obama’s regulators ignore their own rules, and your privacy is at risk!

Posted at 1:30 pm on June 09, 2016 by Neil Stevens

Online attacks on American industry are up. Way up. Some of is ordinary thieves, the rest driven by state-run and state-supported attackers from places like Russia, North Korea, and China.

The Barack Obama administration’s response has been to regulate and sue American companies for being victims, but look at Obama’s regulators do when protecting your data!

President Barack Obama to Arizona speaking at Intel’s Fab 42, a state of that art chip manufacturing plant under construction in Chandler, AZ on January 25, 2012. (Nick Knupffer/flickr)

When the Wyndham hotels were attacked by foreign hackers online, Obama’s FTC sued the victims, blaming them for being attacked, because Wyndham allegedly didn’t take the precautions Obama thought should be taken.

However in 2013, the Obama administration was revealed to be insecure as well, losing a ridiculous amount of data in the huge Office of Personnel Management breach. And now the administration is building yet another massive database, at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Naturally nobody got sued when that OPM happened, oh no, and it’s doubtful anything would happen if CFPB got attacked. Obama’s vanguard see themselves above the laws us proles have to follow. So House Republicans are investigating the standards CFPB is meeting.

But of course, the safest approach is not to build the database at all, so it can’t get broken into. In this, Sean Duffy is right, per the Daily Caller:

“It’s grossly unnecessary for them to collect massive amounts of consumer data,” Duffy said. “The bureau that is tasked with protecting consumers does not even receive consent to collect information from the people they claim to protect.”

Obama may be spending more time traveling and golfing than working these days, hence his improved poll numbers, but it’s still good for Republicans to hold his administration to a standard.