Ajit Pai, Donald Trump’s appointed Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), hasn’t wasted any time trying to undo the bad decisions of the last 8 years.

He’s gotten right to work trying to get the FCC back to where it should be, and anyone should be able to cheer that, regardless of your opinion of Pai’s boss.

What he’s already done is breathtaking, even if you translate from the New York Times cant:

He shut down the war on Zero Rating, that is, offering free stuff.

He shut down the Google-bankrolled “Unlock the Box” effort to pass a new series of regulations on cable set-top boxes.

He pulled a new effort to attack state governments by regulation prison phone prices, thus defending federalism and public safety.

And he’s starting the process to rolling back Net Neutrality.

This statement by Pai via the Times says it all. This is about law and order, not ideology:

“These last-minute actions, which did not enjoy the support of the majority of commissioners at the time they were taken, should not bind us going forward,” Mr. Pai said in a statement released Friday. “Accordingly, they are being revoked.”

It doesn’t matter what you think of the policies. FCC power grabs and process violations are inherently wrong, and Pai is right to reverse them.