Relax: Google YouTube Is Not Gunning for Republicans

Posted at 11:30 pm on October 03, 2017 by Neil Stevens

The latest outrage wire says that Republicans on YouTube are being targeted by Google. The truth is, like Dirty Harry, they hate everybody.

President Barack Obama sits with Google Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2009, during a meeting with business leaders to discuss the economy. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

If you’re not aware, YouTube is under enormous advertising pressure. After the #1 channel on YouTube started posting Nazi slogans and slurs on his channel, the big advertising dollars started to dry up.

In order to keep from losing billions, YouTube has had to enforce rules they normally left lax, and has added new rules to try to make the site as inoffensive as possible to advertisers. They’re hitting anyone. Left, right, or independent, if you cover controversial politics in any way, even as a neutral observer, you could be hit. Video games are being hit, even harmless videos about historical computers and software.

There’s no targeting here. Youtube is desperately bailing, duct taping, and throwing everything non-essential overboard in order to keep the site afloat. It’s never been a direct profit center for them, and they can’t afford boat rockers. They can’t even afford anything that their AI thinks might be a boat rocker.

Relax and seek alternate revenue sources. You didn’t put all your eggs in one basket, did you?