The Alt Right wing of the GOP is livid that Mitt Romney is running for Senate. But can they stop him?

FILE – In this Jan. 19, 2018,, file photo, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney waves after speaking about the tech sector during an industry conference, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

Dan Jones & Associates polled Utah for, and the results leave little doubt.

The poll is a bit weird. It listed all the known candidates for Senate on one big ballot, including Democrat Jenny Wilson, Libertarian Craig Bowden, and Republicans Mitt Romney and Dan McCay. Others were also listed. But despite the huge number of options, Mitt Romney took 60% of the vote.

No other Republican hits 3% against Romney. The nomination is his for the taking. Even before Donald Trump’s endorsement, he had it in the bag.

The alt right is freaking out though. Zero Hedge at Prison Planet wrote that “We’re sure Trump’s endorsement of Romney is part of a multi-dimensional board game of some sort.”

Breitbart quoted Trump attacking Romney:

“The guy’s a stone cold loser and he choked and when you’re a choker, you can never give a choker a second chance. A choker is a choker,” Trump said in June 2016.

The alt right wants Romney down, but they’re going to lose. Again.