All eyes turned to Great Mills High School in Maryland after a shooting there. But police have investigated, and the story isn’t what it appears to be.

Law enforcement officers stand near the entrance to Great Mills High School, the scene of a shooting, Tuesday, March 20, 2018, in Great Mills. A student with a handgun shot two classmates inside the high school before he was fatally wounded during a confrontation with a school resource officer, a sheriff said.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Ever since Columbine, press and commentators alike have been trying to fit everything into the mold of “school shootings.” But the murders today in Maryland fit a much older narrative, one that no law, no policy, no government action of any kind will ever stop:

This was personal, and not a mass, indiscriminate shooting. The victims were targeted. We can only hope for a recovery for the victims of this heinous act.