Wow: Unemployment Under Trump Hits 50 Year Low, Trump Poll Numbers Ride High

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Eugene, Ore., Friday, May 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Democrats want to do anything they can to attack Trump and try to cloud the view of the facts.

Because they really can’t handle the truth. It’s the truth that’s going to do them in 2020.

It’s pretty hard to get around the great economy that President Donald Trump has ushered in.

The latest report shows that unemployment has hit an incredible 50 year low.

From CNBC:

The jobless rate dropped 0.2 percentage points to 3.5%, matching a level it last saw in December 1969. A more encompassing measure that includes discouraged workers and the underemployed also fell, declining 0.3 percent points to 6.9%, matching its lowest in nearly 19 years and just off the all-time low of 6.8%.

The rate for Hispanics hit a record low, while the level for African Americans stayed at the lowest number ever.

Those great numbers also pushed the stock market up. The Dow rallied more than 350 points after the report came out.

Sorry, Democrats, some of you who hoped a recession might hit and do Trump in, continue to be out of luck.

And even in the climate of Democrats, with the aid of media, throwing everything they can at Trump, his poll numbers are defying expectations.

In spite of everything, Trump’s numbers are the highest of the year at 49% approval in the Hill Harris Survey and Trump’s raking in record dollars in the third quarter, at $125 million, a lot of it from people angry with the whole impeachment charade.

Doubtless, they’ll pull out more stuff to try to throw at Trump, especially come 2020.

But it’s really hard to argue with success.

Especially when all your opponents have are tired old socialist thoughts

As the CNBC poll article accurately notes, Americans voted Trump in as the change agent.

And he’s delivering.