WaPo Has Found It! The Smoking Gun to Get Trump: His Dog Tweet

A view of the Washington Post building on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013, in Washington. Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post for $250 million. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


Whenever you think that there’s no bottom to how silly the liberal media can be in their effort to go after President Donald Trump, just remember, they can always be more ridiculous.

Today’s controversy definitely has to be one of the stupidest media jacked-up controversies ever.

One of the details Americans found out about the raid to get Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the heroic actions of a Special Forces dog who chased Baghdadi down the tunnel and was injured when the ISIS leader detonated a explosive device killing himself and three of his children.

Reports said although the dog had been injured, he was already back on the job.

President Donald Trump tweeted out a picture of the dog, although he declined to name him, noting his name was still classified.

Then the Daily Wire created a cute meme about the dog.

The president used it, calling the dog an “American hero!”

How cute is that? The picture had an attribution note to the Daily Wire and was not a Medal of Honor but a medal with a “paw” on it. As my colleague Brandon Morse sagely named it, it was the “Medal of Pawnor.”

Certainly if any dog deserves recognition, it was this dog who put his life on the line for us. But of course, he’s still in the fight so he can’t be awarded, yet.

But for some on the left and in media, the president tweeting this meme was apparently scandalous.

Steve Herman of the VOA actually called the White House to ask about it, apparently not getting that no, the President doesn’t really give out Medals of Pawnor.

Photoshopped? No kidding.

Perhaps the worst take from the media was this one from the Washington Post.

Wow. Could you any more ridiculous in their effort to twist it against Trump?

First of all, it’s a photoshopped meme. It’s funny and honoring the dog. There was nothing in the meme pic that in anyway denigrated the Medal of Honor winner. Indeed, the WaPo’s tweet was itself inaccurate as Trump didn’t tweet “a photo of a Medal of Honor recipient,” he tweeted a photo of a “Medal of Pawnor” winner. Trump may not even have realized that it was cropped from the original picture, as the WaPo acknowledges in the story. Nor does their tweet even note who the dog is and why Trump was saying he should be honored, just says the Medal of Honor winner was “replaced” by “a dog.”

The Medal of Honor winner didn’t have any problem with it. He thought it was funny, as any normal human being would.

They wonder why people don’t take media seriously anymore. The WaPo had to try to destroy a nice moment honoring the hero dog because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Now, remember this is the WaPo, who initially described Baghdadi in all seriousness in a title about his killing as an “austere religious scholar” as opposed to a brutal terrorist leader and rapist.

And the WaPo ran this story from an Obama official calling for outlawing “hate speech.”

Maybe they need to police their own journalism and speech before they go around trying to police everyone else’s…