Congress Is Demanding Answers From ABC About Spiking the Epstein Story

FILE – This July 27, 2006 arrest file photo made available by the Palm Beach, Fla., Sheriff’s Office shows Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein, a wealthy financier and convicted sex offender, has been arrested in New York on sex trafficking charges. Two law enforcement officials said Epstein was taken into federal custody Saturday, July 6, 2019, on charges involving sex-trafficking allegations that date to the 2000s. (AP Photo/Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, File)


Congress is now demanding answers from ABC as to why they allegedly spiked the story regarding convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Earlier this month, Project Veritas broke a hot mic video of ABC host Amy Robach saying that she “had everything” on Epstein – from Virginia Giuffre’s story about being pimped out by Epstein as a teenager, plus confirming witnesses and documents – three years ago, which would have been in 2016, likely preceding the election that year. She also mentioned they had things on “Clinton” as well (what exactly is not clear).

But according to Robach on the video, which was taken in August, she said that the network spiked the story. She mentioned her belief that it related to network concerns about being able to still get access to Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton for interviews, which access might be impaired from the story, given the connection of Prince Andrew to the story. She also spoke about Epstein’s connection to powerful men and “outside forces” possibly being a factor.

Robach also said she didn’t believe that Epstein had killed himself, she believed he had been murdered.

According to Megyn Kelly, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) sent a letter to ABC News President James Goldston demanding to know why they shut down the report. She posted a copy of the letter on Instagram.

McCarthy said what appeared to have been presented to ABC was first-hand evidence of human trafficking that Congress has tried to fight. The action may have served to shut down Giuffre and other victims who might have come forward and might have led to more victims being trafficked, McCarthy said.

McCarthy asked Goldston to provide answers to the following six questions, according to the letter.

1. Will ABC News provide Congress the interview Ms. Robach conducted with the victim?
2. What did ABC News learn about Jeffrey Epstein after Ms. Robach first presented her story to executives?
3. Who was involved with deciding this story was not of public interest, and what were their reasons for deciding so?
4. Can Ms. Robach expand on the “outside forces” she mentioned as potentially responsible for the story not running?
5. Was ABC News ever presented with additional evidence on Mr. Epstein from the time Ms. Robach first brought her investigation to the network and when he was ultimately arrested?
6. Were authorities alerted at any time after Ms. Robach presented ABC News executives with her reporting? If so, when and what was provided?

McCarthy also scolded the network for apparently being more concerned about finding out who the employee who leaked the video to Project Veritas was than pursuing the story against such an egregiously awful criminal as Epstein.

ABC figured out which employee had accessed the video in the system, found out that she was now working for CBS and told CBS who then fired her. But that wasn’t the person who had actually leaked the video to Project Veritas and they are still trying to figure out who that is.

Now that’s an investigation that sounds like it’s worthwhile.