FILE- In this July 30, 2008 file photo, Jeffrey Epstein is shown in custody in West Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Palm Beach Post, Uma Sanghvi, File)/Palm Beach Post via AP)


Interesting developments now brewing in the case of the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

Sources have told the Associated Press that criminal charges are expected this week for two of the prison guards who were supposed to be watching Epstein when he allegedly killed himself in his cell.

The charges are expected to be for falsifying records.

The officers on Epstein’s unit at the federal jail in New York City are suspected of failing to check on him every half-hour, as required, and of fabricating log entries to claim they had. Federal prosecutors offered the guards a plea bargain, but the AP reported Friday that the officers declined the deal.

The expected charges will be filed by federal prosecutors in Manhattan, who have been investigating Epstein’s Aug. 10 death. The people familiar with the matter insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case publicly.

Both guards were working overtime because of staffing shortages when Epstein was found. The officers have been placed on administrative leave while the FBI and the Justice Department’s inspector general investigate the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death.

What’s interesting in that report is that prosecutors offered a plea bargain. While that isn’t necessarily determinative of anything, it does make one wonder, do they think that there’s information that the guards can provide them? And once charged would the pressure then move that needle if there were anything that they knew?

Epstein’s death likely took out a prominent figure in a case that may have implicated many powerful people in human trafficking and sexual offenses against young girls.

Authorities are still looking at possible charges against other figures in the case who may have been involved in the pimping of the girls.

Epstein had been on a suicide watch after he was found in his cell on July 23 with bruises around his neck. It was never established if he had tried to hurt himself or had been attacked by someone else. He was taken off suicide watch about a week before he died.

While his death was ruled a suicide, famous forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who is working for Epstein’s brother looking into the case, has raised questions about the death, saying that the bone fractures in the neck are more consistent with murder than suicide. Baden and Mark Epstein also had questions about unexplained injuries on Epstein including contusions on both of his wrists, an abrasion on his left forearm, and deep muscle hemorrhaging of his left deltoid or shoulder.

A hot mic video of ABC anchor Amy Robach revealed that she, too, thought that his death was not an accident.

“Epstein didn’t kill himself” has become a viral meme across the country with many not believing the official account of his death.