Elizabeth Warren

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks at the Iowa State Fair, Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/John Locher)


We reported earlier today how Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) had gotten caught lying to a school choice activist about her kids going to public school.

Sarah Carpenter asked Warren why she was against school choice since she, Warren, had sent her kids to private school. Warren claimed, “My children went to public schools.”

Reason’s Corey DeAngelis caught the exchange.

Full conversation:

But DeAngelis was able to track down a yearbook showing that Warren’s son, Alex, attended Kirby Hall School in Texas, a tony private school

When confronted on the question, Warren’s team released a statement to the Free Beacon:

“Elizabeth’s daughter went to public school. Her son went to public school until 5th grade,” Warren communications director Kristen Orthman told the Washington Free Beacon. “Elizabeth wants every kid to get a great education regardless of where they live, which is why her plan makes a historic investment in our public schools. Every public school should be a great school. Her plan does not affect funding for existing non-profit charter schools, but she believes we should not put public dollars behind a further expansion of charters until they are subject to the same accountability requirements as public schools.”

Public school until the fifth grade translates to private school since that point.

Now there’s more information from The Federalist’s Chrissy Clark who’s found information about Warren’s son, Alex, going to a private high school as well.

Warren has the continuing problem of not being truthful with the public and being really bad at it as well.

1/1024th truthful.

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