Lindsey Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., pauses while speaking to members of the media outside the West Wing of the White House in Washington, after his meeting with President Donald Trump, Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


Last week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) opened an investigation into what happened with the Bidens in Ukraine and the firing of the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who had allegedly been investigating Burisma. Burisma is the firm where Hunter Biden served on the board from April 2014 to April 2019.

In a letter, Graham asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for any records that he might have of any calls made by then-Vice President Joe Biden to the then-President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko in February 2016 following the announcement by the prosecutor Shokin that he’d raided the Burisma president’s house on Feb 2.

In the letter, he noted the following fascinating timeline.

On February 4, the letter notes, Hunter Biden began following then Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken, “a longtime advisor to Vice President Joe Biden,” according to Graham indicating there may have been a discussion about Shokin’s investigation.

The prosecutor was then fired a month later in March. Biden explained later in 2018 on video how he leaned on Poroshenko in 2016 that the U.S. was going to withhold a billion in aid unless the prosecutor (Shokin) was fired. Then lo and behold “son of a b**ch” he was fired, Biden bragged on video.

Biden flipped out upon hearing that Graham was now looking into the facts and appeared to threaten Graham. “Lindsey is about to go down in a way that I think he’s going to regret his whole life,” Biden said. He then spread conspiracy nonsense, claiming Trump is “holding power” over him.

It’s pretty clear that had President Donald Trump said something like that, media would be covering it 24/7 and the Democrats would be drawing it up as an article of impeachment.

But now, Graham is firing back and saying he will not be intimidated away from doing his duty.

From the Washington Examiner:

“My conscious is clear, I love Joe Biden as a person, he is a really decent man. He’s had a lot of tragedy in his life, but I have a conscious very clear right now, and I have a duty,” Graham said. “If the House is going to shut it down, the Senate is going to pick it up.”

He noted that Biden’s criticisms were “not going to work” to dissuade him from investigating Hunter, even though the two have been close for years. He explained that Biden went after John McCain during the 2008 election, but the two remained friends.

“I like Joe Biden, you know, all I can say is that Joe didn’t pull any punches when he ran against McCain, that’s the way the system works,” Graham said, later adding, “I feel not only that I’m doing the right thing, I would be laying down on my job — being intimidated into doing nothing is not going to work with me … I believe that Hunter Biden’s association on that board doesn’t pass the smell test.”

Trump just asked President Volodomyr Zelensky if the investigation was properly closed and that was what prompted the Democrats to push an impeachment investigation.

Democrats are disturbed about when people ask questions or try to investigate corruption but they’re not upset or concerned about the actual questionable conduct or corruption.