Biden Doesn't Know the Difference Between Iran and Iraq

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden campaigns on Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, in Peterborough, N.H. (AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)


It’s Tuesday and Joe Biden is confused. Again.

Biden, who believes himself to be a foreign policy expert while being pretty much wrong about everything, condemned the airstrike on IRGC Qasem Soleimani.

From CBS:

“Trump’s impulsive decision may well do more to strengthen Iran’s position in the region than any of Soleimani’s plots would have ever accomplished,” Biden predicted.

He criticized President Trump for having “no strategy” and “no endgame.” He said that the president’s “constant mistakes” and poor decision-making have left the U.S. with limited options.

Yet it was actually Biden’s actions that helped Iran gain more control in Iraq and give Soleimani more power. Instead of throwing sufficient power backing a pro-America candidate in the elections, Biden told the pro-America candidate to drop out, allowing the pro-Iranians to get more power. It was the Obama administration who not only shipped Iran pallets of cash during the Iran Deal but released billions more in sanctions relief, including taking sanctions off Soleimani and some of the IRGC terrorist leaders. He and Obama are largely responsible for a lot of the mess there now.

He then revealed why he didn’t stop Iran from gaining more power in Iraq. Apparently he thinks they’re the same country.

“Iran’s parliament, Iran’s parliament voted to eject all Americans and coalition forces from the country,” Biden said during his speech.

Um, Joe? That was the Iraq parliament, not the Iran parliament. We don’t have forces in Iran.

Plus, as we’ve reported that vote was basically a face-saving measure on a non-binding resolution with no timetable by the pro-Iranians politicians that Biden helped get into power, the Sunni and Kurdish pro-Iraq politicians had taken a walk in protest of the vote.

The Iraqi people who were against it even started a hashtag saying #IraqiParliamentDoesNotRepresentUs. They’re thrilled and celebrating that Soleimani was taken out because his pro-Iranian militias have killed a lot of protesters who are still out in the streets. Does Biden even know that?

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