DHS Spox Drops Reporter With the Perfect Pic Celebrating 100 Miles of New Border Wall

President Donald Trump tours a section of the southern border wall, Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, in Otay Mesa, Calif. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


President Donald Trump and the DHS celebrated a big milestone this past week: 100 miles of new border wall system completed.

But some raised a question about whether or not some of the wall was “new.”

Here’s Rafael Carranza from AZ Central and USA Today:

We hear this from some on the left, “It’s not new wall, Trump hasn’t built anything, because he’s just replacing exist barriers,” which leads one to believe they’re just replacing similar barriers.

But Heather Swift, the DHS spokesperson, just decimated that with the perfect picture in response to Carranza.

People loved it.

What’s incredible is that anyone thought those things are “barriers.” The only thing they were meant to prevent was a car or vehicle. Anyone could and did climb right over them on a regular basis. Yet that’s a lot of the “fencing.” That’s a lot of what Barack Obama and others built with the money that was originally designated for a wall — and they’d tell you there were “barriers.”