While Dems Ripped Each Other Apart at Their Debate, This Amazing Moment Was Happening at the Trump Rally

Supporters listen as President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally, Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020, in Toledo, Ohio. (AP Photo/ Jacquelyn Martin)


The Democratic debate is just a huge festival of fail.

Mike Bloomberg is imploding and the others are eating each other alive, and you know who the biggest winner of the debate is? Once again, President Donald Trump.

None of these characters are going to be able to beat him, they all have huge deficiencies. While they beat each other up for position, Trump can revel in it.

Trump was in Phoenix holding a rally on Wednesday night.

By comparison with the Democratic debate where people were literally saying they’d support a socialist and beating the crap out of each other, the Trump rally was a font of positivity and Americana.

One moment particularly stood out at the rally, so much so it even drew comment from President Trump.

A group got together to help carry 100-year-old WWII Navy veteran Ervin Julian to his seat at the rally and it was very touching to all the people there.

Then Trump weighed in and said he would soon be in the arena to see them.

Then Trump acknowledged him during his speech and had Don, Jr. give them hats.

Now that’s pretty sweet.

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