A new report from Bloomberg’s North Korean government reporter says Pyongyang has developed nuclear weapons and…has no further plans to conduct ballistic missile tests.

That’s terrifying, if true. But, if it is, this makes no sense.

The path to disarmament is more crackpot regimes with nukes? No.

This is clearly utter bulls*** from the Kim government who has continued to lie to its people for decades.

It makes sense Kim would claim such a thing to save face with those he and his family have relentlessly oppressed. On the outside — outside — chance North Korea has obtained nuclear weapons, this narrative that it was all in an effort to move toward disarmament is utterly illogical. (Hence, why we know it’s most likely not true). Good luck to any North Korean dissenter who sees the ridiculousness here.

Already, Pres. Trump has clarified the issue saying North Korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear tests.

Whatever Pyongyang and Kim have to tell themselves at this point to save face, is what it is: an acquiescence to suspend the saber rattling…for now.