In a stunning correction on Thursday, NBC News corrected a story they’d run as an exclusive report earlier in the day that federal investigators tapped former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s phones.

However, by Thursday afternoon that story was being walked back on NBC’s cable network MSNBC.

Bloomberg’s White House correspondent, Justin Sink, tweeted:

“whoa: NBC is correcting its wiretap story on MSNBC right now, saying it was not a wiretap on Cohen phone. Says it was instead a log of phone calls known as a “pen register,” so couldn’t listen in”

So, there wasn’t any phone call content anyone could listen to. It was simply a log of calls going in and out.

If major news networks want Donald Trump and a lot of Americans to stop calling them the dreaded and overused term of “fake news,” they might want to think about not handing out overt examples of it.