Ava from Maine is a yuge Donald Trump fan.  In fact, she’s such a yuge fan of Donald Trump that she practically loses her mind when her mom tells her they are going to a Trump rally in New Hampshire.  Watch as this sweet 9-year old girl bursts into tears over the prospect of seeing Trump in person.



The Graham-Cassidy Bill Must Pass


What in the world has Donald Trump ever done that would possess a 9-year old to fawn all over him like this?  I can’t decide what per cent this video is cute, and what per cent it is creepy. Clearly the only way a 9 year old could have such excitement over seeing a political candidate is through her parents’ indoctrination. And as sweet as this little girl seems, I can’t help but think this video serves as proof that if we can’t find a way to stop Trump, we’re basically doomed