Republican State Senator Dan Bishop has been declared by multiple media outlets to be the winner of North Carolina’s 9th Congressional district race against Democrat Dan McCready:

This celebratory video was posted on Bishop’s Twitter feed moments later:

Trump is, of course, taking a share of the credit. Heh:

As of this writing, Bishop is ahead by about 4,000 votes with all but two precincts reporting. Via Politico:

NC09 results via Politico

McCready has conceded:

In advance of today’s contest, the race had been widely portrayed as a bellwether race for 2020 by the mainstream media and Democratic political analysts. Will be interesting to see how they spin it now that the Republican has won.

McCready also had a big money advantage over Bishop, but in the end he came up short.

Here’s a roundup of news/commentary/reactions on the race from pollsters, Democrats, Republicans, (disappointed) journalists, etc:

The “Stacey Abrams won” wing of the Democratic party has some thoughts:

But here’s the reality of what the situation on the ground here has been like:

NC 11th Congressional district Rep. Mark Meadows (R) weighs in:

Bishop is already on it:

Just a reminder: This race is the last race of the 2018 election cycle. Bishop will have to turn around in a few months and begin campaigning again for the seat for the 2020 election cycle:

Enjoy these next few weeks of no political ads while you can, my fellow North Carolinians. 😉

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