Sen. Kamala Harris

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. speaks Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, during a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by ABC at Texas Southern University in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)


New Democratic presidential polling information for California from an Emerson University survey shows Joe Biden and Sens. Bernie Sanders (VT) and Elizabeth Warren (MA) all firmly in the top tier with numbers in the double digits. But for home state Sen. Kamala Harris? The news is not good.

The Hill reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are tied for first place among Democratic primary voters in California, while home-state Sen. Kamala Harris (D) is running in a distant fifth, according to a new poll.


Tech entrepreneur and political newcomer Andrew Yang notches 7 percent support in the survey, with Harris following at 6 percent support.

That is a four point slide for Harris since the last Emerson poll that was taken in late August.

The Emerson poll released Tuesday was also taken after last Thursday’s Democratic debate, which shows that much like the second debate, she didn’t do herself any favors with voters in her own state.

Harris isn’t doing any better in national post-debate polls, either:

Just how bad is the California polling information for the Harris campaign? Very bad:

The survey is a sign that Harris may face a difficult battle in her home state’s nominating contest, a delegate-rich election that carries more significance than ever because of an accelerated primary schedule that places it on Super Tuesday, when voters in a dozen states will cast their ballots for the Democratic nomination.

“Senator Kamala Harris is in trouble in her home state. If she is unable to gain momentum in Iowa or New Hampshire, come Super Tuesday she might have a similar fate to Sen. Marco Rubio in 2016, when he was unable to win his home state of Florida and dropped out of the race,” Emerson Polling Director Spencer Kimball said, referring to Rubio’s 2016 loss to President Trump in Florida’s Republican presidential primary.

The Hill also notes that there has never been a candidate who lost their home state in a primary who ultimately won the presidential nomination.

That the Harris campaign has been in a freefall over the last two and a half months is not new news, but the fact that her numbers are in the basement in her home state is a very troubling sign for her campaign. There is no other way they can spin it.

Assuming she qualifies for the 4th Democratic debate next month, you gotta think at this point that she’s only staying in the race to put herself in contention for a veep slot.

Earlier this month, Harris told a Fox News reporter that in spite of the fact that she was polling in the low single digits she should still be considered in the “top tier.” She is in the top tier only in her own mind at this point.

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