Rep. Maxine Waters

House Financial Services Committee Chair Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., asks a question of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton, during a committee hearing, Tuesday Sept. 24, 2019, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)


Longtime California Congressional Rep. Maxine Waters (D) appeared on MSNBC’s “All in With Chris Hayes” show on Wednesday to talk about the Trump/Zelensky phone call from July and What It All Means™ going foward for her Democratic colleagues and President Trump.

Her answer accidentally confirmed something Republicans have been saying all along about what impeachment really has been all about for Democrats.

Hayes started off by noting that Waters had long been a staunch critic of Trump’s and a proponent for his impeachment well before the latest wave of allegations were reported. “What is different [this time]?” he asked her.

Here’s how she responded (transcribed):

“Well, obviously the difference is the speaker of the House of Representatives is now on board for a formalized impeachment inquiry and she has her caucus support in doing so. That’s extremely different.”

It’s what she stated next that gave the game away (bolded emphasis added):

“You’re absolutely right. I started a long time ago, right after the president was inaugurated, talking about impeachment and saying that he was dishonorable, he was a conman, we could not trust him. And of course I was way ahead of all this and nobody really took me seriously, but I also knew that this president was so brazen and so disrespectful of the Constitution that he was going to continue to abuse the presidential power.”


What’s Waters really saying there in the midst of her narcissistic back-patting? She admitted without saying the actual words that before there were any allegations of wrongdoing she was already calling for his impeachment because (drumroll) she didn’t like him (this is better known as TDS).

Her suggesting she “also knew that this president was so brazen and so disrespectful of the Constitution that he was going to continue to abuse the presidential power” is nonsense, because at the time she started talking about impeachment (Feb. 6, 2017) Trump had barely been in the White House for two weeks.

Her disagreements with him at the time were about policy, not any alleged impeachable offenses.

She wanted him impeached because of political disagreements. He’s a Republican. She’s a Democrat. He defeated Hillary Clinton. Waters wanted revenge. So did a lot of other Democrats in DC.

So she got the impeachment ball rolling based on those two non-issues.

The reason Democrats “didn’t take her seriously” at the time was not because they disagreed with her, but because she was giving up the game way too soon.

And guess what? Their reasons haven’t changed. The impeachment rationale for Democrats now is the same as it was back when Waters and Rep. Al Green (D-TX) were among the few calling for it at the time: Orange Man Bad.

While Waters’ and the left’s rationale for impeaching Trump hasn’t changed over the last 2 and a half years, what has changed is how Maxine Waters herself views impeachment. Here’s what she said about it in 1998 when President Bill Clinton was being impeached for, you know, things that were actually impeachable offenses:

Keep being you, Mad Maxine. Keep being you.


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