Adam Silver

FILE – In this Sept. 28, 2017, file photo, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver speaks during a news conference in New York. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)


As a writer, sometimes the struggle is real when it comes to choosing the right words to use to express the anger/frustration/and or outrage you feel over certain hot button issues.

It is in those times that I’ve often found that the satirists at the Babylon Bee will swoop and and save the day with the perfect take.

Such was the case this week with the controversy surrounding the NBA’s despicable China pandering in the aftermath of the Daryl Morey Hong Kong tweet controversy. As a result of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver acting stupidly, fans are getting kicked out of games now for expressing support for Hong Kong protesters. Journalists are being censored for asking questions to NBA teams about the issue.

The NBA has fancied itself for some time now as the “wokest” of all major sports leagues, in spite of the fact that their rules prevent players from doing what former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick and other players have done in the NFL by way of kneeling during the national anthem.

Players have gotten around the no-kneel rule by standing with their arms linked together, which is allowed under league rules. Many of them don’t even pay attention as the anthem is being played.

It is perhaps with that in mind that the Babylon Bee published their piece on the NBA’s “new” anthem “requirements” for players on Wednesday:

NEW YORK, NY—In an effort to salvage its relationship with China, the NBA is now requiring all players to stand for the Chinese national anthem at the beginning of every game.

The official song of the People’s Republic of China, “March of the Volunteers,” will be played at the start of all professional basketball games, whether at home or abroad.
“We hope this gesture of goodwill will show China that we love them and there is no need for our multi-billion-dollar deal to fall through,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. “March on, Mao!”

Brit Hume quipped that he had almost forgotten that the Bee was a satire site when reading the piece:


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