As I wrote this morning, ABC News and CBS News are in collusion mode in the aftermath of James O’Keefe’s shocking investigative report on how ABC News squashed a blockbuster story about sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein three years ago during Hillary Clinton’s presidential run.

The journalist who broke the news about how ABC discovered it was a former employee who now works for CBS (actually, CBS fired the employee after ABC alerted them about the issue) was Yashar Ali, who wrote about it in a newsletter and on Twitter.

O’Keefe took issue with Ali’s reporting, and called him out on Twitter:

Ali did not respond to O’Keefe but actor and unhinged TDS sufferer Tom Arnold did by way of suggesting “everyone” hates O’Keefe:

O’Keefe fired back with a double whammy (the second of which was especially funny):

Arnold now has the image as his Twitter header, but O’Keefe clearly got the better of him in that exchange.

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