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FILE – In this Dec. 11, 2018, file photo, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

As my Red State colleague Nick Arama wrote earlier, Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is having a conniption fit over McConnell’s impeachment trial resolution proposal.

While his reaction is both hilarious and maddening at the same time considering the sham proceedings that took place under the Democratic “leadership” in the House just weeks ago, what perhaps is far more comical in retrospect is reading a letter he wrote in February 1999 on the eve of President Bill Clinton’s acquittal in his impeachment trial.

His actions then versus his actions now are a case study on the rank hypocrisy of House and Senate Democrats exhibited since day one of Trump’s presidency.

The New York Post helpfully provided a copy of Schumer’s letter in their Saturday paper, and noted “how times had changed” between then and now for Schumer.

Here’s some of what the then-newly sworn in Senator from New York wrote at the time:

It has shaken me that we stand at the brink of removing a President — not because of a popular groundswell to remove him and not because of the magnitude of the wrongs he’s committed — but because conditions in late 20th century America has made it possible for a small group of people who hate Bill Clinton and hate his policies to very cleverly and very doggedly exploit the institutions of freedom that we hold dear and almost succeed in undoing him.
If you had asked me one year ago if people like this with such obvious political motives could use our courts, play the media and tantalize the legislative branch to achieve their ends of bringing down the President, I would have said “not a chance — that doesn’t happen in America.”
It seems we have lost the ability to forcefully advocate for our position without trying to criminalize or at least dishonor our adversaries — often over matters having nothing to do with the public trust. And it is hurting the country; it is marginalizing and polarizing the Congress.

There are also the below video clips referenced by Bonchie last month that show a completely different side to Schumer on whether or not Senators she have “pre-formed” opinions on impeachment prior to the start of the trial:

My oh my. What a difference a couple of decades – and a president’s political affiliation – has had on Schumer’s thinking on “political motives” as they relate to impeachment. Who’da guessed?

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