The Daily Show Savages Jussie Smollett (No, Really)

Trevor Noah: A fake hate crime is “not a good way to get a raise. I mean, call me old-fashioned, but whatever happened to just going into your boss’s office and blackmailing him with nudes?” Photograph: YouTube


Here’s a Friday evening palate cleanser that will help you ease into the weekend.

As T.I. LaDuke noted in a post earlier today, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah has been to the point and unflinching in his criticism of Jussie Smollett. Adding hilarious fuel to that fire, on Friday morning, Noah tweeted a brilliant parody of the Smollett plot to frame Trump supporters for a fake hate crime, cooked up over a supposed paltry salary of $60,000+ an episode.

It’s a truly hilarious bit, reminiscent of those old 80s afterschool specials but with a True Crime vibe that makes it better than anything SNL has done in quite a while.

It’s fantastic. But see for yourself. I’ll leave you with this teaser:

“And I brought the bleach…I am so racist, that I want to turn black people white.”