Local news stations are reporting that St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Timothy Wilson has rendered a “Not Guilty” verdict in the Jason Stockley murder trial, which I discussed here yesterday. The Judge issued a 30-page ruling, a copy of which can be read here.  Al Watkins, the attorney for Anthony Lamar Smith’s fiancee, acknowledged Judge Wilson’s professionalism but said he finds the ruling “appalling….The family is sorely disappointed. The community will be appropriately sorely disappointed.”

Multiple law enforcement agencies are present in and around the St. Louis area.  Helicopters can be heard over the downtown area.  There are already people gathering, marching arm-in-arm on Market Street in downtown St. Louis, near the courthouse.

The Courts and several local schools are closed today as a precaution in light of anticipated unrest. Some downtown offices were prepared to close early, anticipating the verdict would be announced this afternoon.

We’ll update with any further developments.